Z-armour, or zero-point armour, is a type of armour made from zero-energy fields and existential stability fields. Z-armour is indestructible.


The only known manufacturers of Z-armour were the Starbuilders. Z-armour is completely black, as no energy escapes from or is emitted by it. The 'material' is created by Z-armour emitters, although how these emitters actually emit the fields is unknown. These emitters absorb all conventional weaponry, making any kinetic weapon stop harmlessly on the shield's surface and absorbing all radiation. These emitters also protect existential stability fields, so that gravitational weaponry and Galaxy-Crackers are also ineffective. However, Starbuilder safety protocols mean that, even when technology with functional Z-armour have been found, it has been impossible to utilise the material in any way.

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