Xyphon is one of the oldest universes of Arahon, known to be the native universe of the Starbuilders. It is currently engulfed in an universe-wide war between various expansionist factions.

Timeline Edit

16 billion PrF- Xyphon forms.

13.5 billion PrF- Starbuilder civilisation is speculated to have reached the stars at around this time. With no other known civilsations to impede them, the Starbuilders take over the Xyphon universe. These ideal conditions expand their rule across the known multiverse.

13 billion PrF- The Starbuilders retreat to Xyphon. In a geological blink of an eye, they mysteriously vanish.

13-11 billion PrF- The multiverse enters the Silent Age, where civilisations are largely unknown. There is evidence that, during this time, massive wars were fought using leftover Starbuilder technology. This period ended eventually, either through the extinction of civilisations willing to do such a thing or through the technology ceasing to function after such a long time.

11-1 billion PrF- The Silent Age continues in a relative peace.

1 billion PrF- Evidence of ancient civilisations from this time puts an end to the Silent Age.

4,567 PrF- The Yolm, leaders of the oldest known Xyphon civilisation, reach spaceflight.

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Major factions Edit

Sarkahto empire: [informations needed]

Shar'thon Galactic Empire: the largest empire in Xyphon, with four galaxies under its name. Currently in truce with the neighbouring empires, but by no mean in a weakened state. Ruled by the nationalist Clar'toktas.

The Free Armada: a multi-racial caravan of refugees from various wars maintaining its status as a major faction (albeit the weakest one) by looting every battlefield, having commercial accords with every army, and acting patently uninterested in contesting anyone's superiority.

Other races Edit

The Charlaks: a sociopathic species used as an expandable servant race by multiple factions across Xyphon, due to their absence of any scruples and their unique knack with technology.

The Yolms: leaders of the oldest known civilisation of Xyphon. [informations needed]

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