The Starbuilders were the creators of an enigmatic, multiverse -spanning empire, 13 billion years ago. Their technology is all that is left of them, and even that is mostly broken and useless. The Starbuilders were incredibly advanced- they could create things such as Z-ArmourGalaxy-Crackers  and hand-held Arahon Traversal devices, things that modern species can barely even dream of. Despite how long ago they lived, their technology gives glimpses at what they were like.

Physical appearanceEdit

From manual Starbuilder technology, we can make inferences at what they looked like. They were semi-aquatic bipeds, roughly two metres tall. Their hands were webbed and four-fingered, with a thumb located on the outside face of their hands. They had two legs with wide feet, and a long, muscular tail. A Starbuilder's body was streamlined, with a long, muscular tail that probably undulated up and down to swim with. Visual recordings of these elusive beings are incredibly rare, but from the corrupted pseudoholograms that have been found, their back, neck, head and tail were covered in some sort of biological armour, while the rest of the body was fleshy and smooth.


It is believed that the Starbuilders evolved on a planet with a thin magnetic field. The radiation meant they usually stayed underwater or in shade, to protect their cells from damage. They were an omnivorous species, using their intelligence to gather food. Eventually, they gained sapience, and became one of the first races to travel to the stars.

It is unknown exactly when and where their empire originated- the planet, by now, is probably little more than a lifeless ball of rock. We know that it began in Xyphon, though, and we know roughly how and when it ended. 13 billion years before the present, the Starbuilders retreated into their home universe, where they disappeared. It is unknown why this happened.

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