Softspace is the region of space outside of universes, considered by some to be a universe in itself. Here, existence is indistinct, and the normal laws of physics degrade as they continue to be exposed to it. It is a place of incredible danger, but it is the only known gateway between universes. Arahon traversal devices are the only known way to access Softspace (and the universes beyond).


Ships, when they leave normal space and enter Softspace, experience numerous hazards. The first is the radiation- the fluidmatter of Softspace turns into EM radiation when it enters the field of physics that the ship projects. The second danger is the existence of Sparkforms. These aggressive creatures of fluidmatter, unlike normal fluidmatter, self-reinforce their own fluidity and as such remain unaffected by fields of normal physics. These can rend ships apart and fluidify them. Thirdly, the field of physics wanes with continued time in Softspace. Eventually, the ship will begin to dissolve and fluidify of its own accord.

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