The \^/ are a sapient race native to Janus/Muto. Due to having a spoken language based on shapes and memories, they call themselves \^/, often abbreviated to other races to an acronym such as the Suas.


They are bilateral octopodes,with endoseletal system . The \^/ are volant having adapted 6 of their fourteen orginall limbs into wings. They posses a head and neck that appears bat-like in coverall appearance with the "jaws" actually being mandibles formed out of the first pair of limbs.

The Suas are notable for being able to produce small flashes of flame slamming their mandibles together , as this requires large amounts of energy they tend to only use it in self defense.

These jaws are laid out in a horizontal fashion. The next set of limbs have been purposed into manipulators, these limbs having originally cleaned the large ancestral eye.

Senses Edit

The \^/ whilst not blind are race mainly reliant on hearing for communication. They posses a wide range of vision but due to the structure of their eyes cannot see detail past their bodies length.

Their hearing is very well developed with large bat-like ears derived from horny plates.

They're echolactor's meaning they the mostly 'see' through sound, this explains many of peculiarities of their language. Using their echolocating abilities they are able to share thoughts concepts and 'images' with other members of their species.

Civilization and Culture Edit

They live in large agrarian communities.

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