Merat is one of the youngest universes of Arahon, and certainly the most diverse -the Sentros Galaxy by itself hosts the highest density of intelligent races in the whole multiverse.

Timeline Edit

13.5 billion PrF- Merat forms. Starbuilder civilisation is speculated to have reached the stars at around the same time. With no other known civilsations to impede them, the Starbuilders take over Xyphon, then the whole multiverse.

13 billion PrF- The Starbuilders retreat to Xyphon. In a geological blink of an eye, they vanish.

13-11 billion PrF- The multiverse enters the Silent Age, where civilisations are largely unknown. There is evidence that, during this time, massive wars were fought using leftover Starbuilder technology. This period ended eventually, either through the extinction of civilisations willing to do such a thing or through the technology ceasing to function after such a long time.

11-1 billion PrF- The Silent Age continues.

1 billion PrF- Evidence of ancient civilisations from this time puts an end to the Silent Age.

[Work in progress.]

Major factions Edit

The Pan-Sentros Alliance: a multi-species organisation formed to federate the numerous sophonts of the Sentros Galaxy. Prominent members include the Callen, the Mendishians and the Voltrox.

The Alliance of Kar'lul Colonies: formed to unify the various Kar'lul governments established in the Sentros Galaxy, it now also includes the Death Angels refugees. The Alliance is known for its religious leanings toward cults of the Starbuilders. [Unknown relationship with the Pan-Sentros Alliance.]

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