The Clar'tokta are the rulers of the Shar'thon Galactic Empire in the Xyphon universe. They are a highly terretorial species, and own the largest empire of Xyphon, with four galaxies to their name. However, a truce between neighbouring empires (most notably the Sarkahto) currently prevents them from expanding further, despite their technological and numerical advantage.


The Clar'tokta are a large herbivorous species, reaching up to a ton in weight. They naturally seek to join the strongest faction, and hate other factions, meaning that they are often nationalistic and xenophobic. Clar'tokta have two legs and four arms, with the rear pair of arms being enormous and clawed. These arms fill the roles of the horns or tusks. Being from a very cold environment, they have large amounts of fat and are covered in insulating feathers. Crests of ornamentary feathers adorn their rear arms and head.

Clar'tokta have four eyes, two with colour vision being set forwards for social interaction and foraging, and two being at the sides of the head to watch for predators. They have relatively poor hearing, and lack external ears. The most prominent feature of their face is their massive nose and nasal chamber. This specially-adapted nasal system gives them an incredible sense of smell, and the resonating ability of the nasal chamber gives their voice incredible volume when required. Clar'tokta have one, hermaphroditic gender.

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