Arahon traversal devices, as their name suggests, allow travel within the multiverse of Arahon. These devices, though, have incredible power requirements, and only races able to control multiple galaxies have the levels of advancement required to create them.


By tunneling through interuniversal space, a place as Softspace, it is possible to enter other universes. This works by opening a gate into Softspace, and creating another gate within to open into another universe. Different universes have different gate frequencies, and matter retains a 'memory' of its original universe, meaning an emitter will return to the universe that the majority of its matter comes from by default.

This, however, is a risky endavour. If matter is trapped in softspace, it will eventually enter into a fluid state- somewhere between energy and matter. This results in total destruction of the ship. The other threat is native, energy-based computer-like life known as Sparkforms. These creatures seem to be distressed by non-fluid matter, and will attack and fluidify ships that are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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