Arahon is the only known multiverse. It contains many interconnected universes in a region called Softspace , and may in itself be part of a network of multiverses called an omniverse. All life and existence is contained within its hyperdimensional boundaries.

Known universesEdit

The multiverse of Arahon is currently known to contain twelve universes. There may be more, though, lying undiscovered and unexplored.

Merat is one of the younger universes, and certainly the most diverse. The most well-known galaxy within it is the Sentros Galaxy, with many races including the Mendishians, Callen and Votrox.

Takim is the oldest known universe.

Xyphon is the point of origin of the oldest known race of Arahon, the Starbuilders, who ruled the entirety of Arahon in their prime. Now, though, only myths of their existence remain, and Xyphon has been consumed by the wars of galaxy-spanning empires left in the Starbuilders' wake.

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